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Postby josh1212 » 17 Feb 2020, 07:08

This is really nice to join this community
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Re: Introduce yourself

Postby FredericRP » 19 Feb 2020, 14:41

Hi, I'm part of the "ethical games" association that believe in open source, ethical, ecological and social game development. We found out a few hours ago that you talked about our platform "RedBricks" that went public a few months ago, so thank you, and here we are ! (I'm not the most implied in open source development, but had the time to answer the questions asked in this forum).
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Re: Introduce yourself

Postby gayatrisc » 25 Feb 2020, 14:52

Hello Everyone
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Re: Introduce yourself

Postby Torgor67 » 05 Mar 2020, 17:35

Hello I'm torgor67 and I'm interested in game design and concepts. I mainly like the fps and platformer genre but am willing to help out in any design field. If anybody needs help especially with level design please feel free to message me and I'll try to help but can't promise anything :).
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Re: Introduce yourself

Postby Ntech » 06 Mar 2020, 00:05

Welcome Torgor!
Deo gratias, Ave Maria
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Re: Introduce yourself

Postby TheNevel » 11 Mar 2020, 18:59

I'm Nick. I've been working on a solo game project for the last year to learn how to code! I've also do creative writing and am trying to find ways to mix the two into a single hobby.
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Re: Introduce yourself

Postby koumiusi » 12 Mar 2020, 08:54

Thank you!
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Re: Introduce yourself

Postby Shogun » 14 Mar 2020, 11:35

I'm Shogun and my son and I have fun developing world's with your fine tools.
I'd like to upload my first ever built world for you to test. I called it Tux' crazy golf course (because I also love to play mini-golf).
Please tell me in which way you'd want the upload (how it works)
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Re: Introduce yourself

Postby horror_man » 17 Mar 2020, 01:44

Hello, I'm horror_man. I'm an orchestral music composer with more than 4 years of experience. I have participated in many game development teams and a couple of game jams. If music is what you need then I'm your guy.

Nice to meet you all.
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Re: Introduce yourself

Postby paulpaffett » 24 Mar 2020, 08:19

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Re: Introduce yourself

Postby DDanteDD » 26 Mar 2020, 00:01

my name is Mateo, i'm co-owner of free strategy game eDominations i hope i will be usefull to you as you will be to me :D
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Re: Introduce yourself

Postby ArloJamesBarnes » 31 Mar 2020, 18:07

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Re: Introduce yourself

Postby yachemir » 01 Apr 2020, 20:20

Hi, Im Bill. Im a big fan of SuperTux, and I made couple levels. I will upload one of them as an add-on, if moderators will agree :) Have a good day, random SuperTux player!
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Re: Introduce yourself

Postby dulsi » 04 Apr 2020, 19:07

Welcome to all the new people.

@FredericRP: I'm interested to see how RedBricks works. I may try putting a project on it just to try it out.

@yachemir: New levels are always welcome. Some people can be rather critical and not provide helpful commentary but hopefully that won't be your experience.

@ArloJamesBarnes: I don't look too much at the wiki. I probably should check it out more.

@DDanteDD: This site is for free software/open source software. This means you release the source code. You're welcome to post here on that topic.

@TheNevel: Can you give us any information on your project.

For everyone else, I'm sorry I didn't directly respond to you but feel free to post what open source games projects you are working on.
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Re: Introduce yourself

Postby adam104064 » 06 Apr 2020, 10:46

Hello, I am adam, New member. I am working as Software engineer
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Re: Introduce yourself

Postby MJR » 07 Apr 2020, 01:19

My name is Marcelo and I live in the US. Originally from Argentina.
I love open source projects and try to introduce people and friends to open source whenever I can. SuperTuxKart is one of my favorite projects and I am trying to get my nephew and nice to play the game online.
Thanks everyone!
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Re: Introduce yourself

Postby choupi » 07 Apr 2020, 16:40

Hello, I'm a old player of STK but a newbie here !
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Re: Introduce yourself

Postby Armanelgtron » 15 Apr 2020, 01:21

Howdy, I am nelg

The username "Armanelgtron" isn't really that complicated, but some people like to call me "Arm and a leg tron". :-P
No really, just take (the name of another excellent free/open source game) Armagetron, and just replace "ge" with "nelg"
Yes, I just had to plug another game on my first post. Sorry :-D
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Re: Introduce yourself

Postby cuxirovo » 16 Apr 2020, 11:55

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Re: Introduce yourself

Postby Castenets » 22 Apr 2020, 09:46

Hello everyone )
Love? no, thanks, I have cs =]
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Re: Introduce yourself

Postby MeekYard » 22 Apr 2020, 23:52

Hi. My name is MeekYard. I like SuperTux and SuperTuxKart. :-)
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Re: Introduce yourself

Postby DavideP » 02 May 2020, 10:27


I'm Davide.
I'm from Italy and I am a SuperTux player from many years. I love making levels!

Have a good day to all!
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Re: Introduce yourself

Postby AntonioRagagnin » 09 May 2020, 21:54

Hi all!

I am Antonio, I work in a Italian observatory and in the free time I do video games :) I am here to share my opensource multiplayer 2D shooting game
A toons-like web-based point-and-click game made with Vue.js
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Re: Introduce yourself

Postby hasanraza » 13 May 2020, 07:00

Hi I am Hasan, I am an App Dev from UK, came here for new game ideas and help developers community with my expertise.
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Re: Introduce yourself

Postby quakeandy » 13 May 2020, 17:12

This is really nice to join this community
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