Warlock's Gauntlet

Warlock's Gauntlet

Postby dulsi » 03 Mar 2019, 05:11

Found some bitrotted code. It is for Warlock's Gauntlet. It uses an old version of SFML. SFML changed their naming convention so it can't compile with latest. It includes an old version of boost that fails to compile. I tried the precompiled binaries to at least see it in action. That didn't work either maybe due to wayland not X.

I'd love to fix it up but it is large so I'm not sure I'm interested in the amount of work needed.

Edit: Description says it is hot-seat two player. Why would you make a Gauntlet style game and not make it two player simultaneous? Tried the windows version in a VM but it crashed before it even did anything.
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