Gaia Sky, cool 3D universe simulation

Gaia Sky, cool 3D universe simulation

Postby Julius » 19 Aug 2018, 17:10

Call it edutainment if you like, but this project is pretty cool. It even supports VR on Linux.
Gaia Sky is a real-time, 3D, astronomy visualisation software that runs on Windows, Linux and macOS. It is developed in the framework of ESA's Gaia mission to chart about 1 billion stars of our Galaxy in the Gaia group of the Astronomisches Rechen-Institut (ZAH, Universität Heidelberg).

See: ... s/gaiasky/


Edit: someone should develop a generation ship management simulator on top of that... all Hard SF style :)
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Re: Gaia Sky, cool 3D universe simulation

Postby drummyfish » 23 Aug 2018, 05:39

Had a quick look and it looks very nice. For a FOSS program I found the controls, GUI and settings very intuitive. There's also some kind of space ship you can fly.

Could anyone with more insight compare this to Celestia?
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