Open Source Sonic R version.

Open Source Sonic R version.

Postby Remaker » 05 Feb 2015, 21:22

Hello everyone.

I'm here because I had an idea that can be great: make a remake of Sonic R game. I am wanting people to make the project possible. The idea is the following:

- Create characters and scenarios with similar cartoon, low-poly style, but trying to improve the visual aspect in general. (Better textures, for example).
- Similar character control, with same physics-mechanics. We can discuss some improvements.
- Balance the character properties so the player can't clasify between "slow,bad characters" and "fast, good characters".
- Duplicate the original Sonic R scenarios, and add some new.
- Let the user add new scenarios created with Blender.
- [Discuss] Maybe also add new custom characters?
- (Local) multiplayer and more game modes.
- If you have a good idea, say it!

If you're wondering about copyright problems, don't worry: of course, we would design and use a different set of characters for the game.

What I can do:

- Programming. I've to learn jMonkey to do this project I have programming experience (worked on C++, FORTRAN, Java, games on XNA, LibGDX, Unity) so I hope it will be a fast process.
- Music: I'm musician and I compose my own songs. You can find some of my arrangements looking for Victor Seven on Google.
- Math: I study Physics and I've a great level of math, so I can do everything related to physical models and good integrators for the code.

What we need:

- 3D designer(s), in Blender.
- I would like to work on Java, mostly because of its great cross-platform capabilities. I think jMonkeyEngine is good, but other ideas are welcome.
- Level designer.
- Enthusiast people! :)

What we have: nothing! That's why I'm wanting people. The first thing is a 3D artist. I've found original Sonic R models ripped on the internet, so we can try to animate them and start programming. Meanwhile, artists would try to give new graphics.
The idea is to find a small team, able to start and launch the project, with basic things. Make a planning, assign work and start doing it.

Thank you for reading.
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Re: Open Source Sonic R version.

Postby mdtrooper » 10 Feb 2015, 17:48

But...A penguin is better to hedgehog. :)
And I have a Patreon in
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Re: Open Source Sonic R version.

Postby StandardBeef » 03 Sep 2015, 19:59

Could I help with this project? I'm not the best at straight up programming, but I have made some mods for 2D games and I have also created 3D texture edits and I know how to get the best texture to suit the level's theme. Please reply if I am needed.
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Re: Open Source Sonic R version.

Postby StandardBeef » 04 Sep 2015, 00:41

I can also help with textures and modeling in Blender. I may not be the best at rigging them, but I will do my best. :)
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