Will make free music

Will make free music

Postby danguvibe » 09 May 2014, 22:01

I'm planning to make an absolutely free music pack for Video Games. So if You need any kind of music in particular, please tell me. Will be glad to help ! :D
Some of my works : https://soundcloud.com/danguvibe

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Re: Will make free music

Postby Julius » 11 May 2014, 15:58

Sounds good, but what do you mean with "absolutely free"? "Creative Commons 0"?

As a start it would be nice if you could release some of your nice existing songs under a free license.
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Re: Will make free music

Postby c_xong » 12 May 2014, 01:13

opengameart.org would be a better place I think; there's quite a few folks there who self-promote by publishing free (libre) art and/or contribute to free games.
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