BUG: Game replay is done

BUG: Game replay is done

Postby Tedium » 21 Jul 2013, 15:12

Hello everyone,

Sometimes, when you retry a level during the level finished replay, you get the message "Game replay is done" instead of actually replaying the level.
It's easiest to recreate this bug on a custom level with the player start just above the exit.
Keep rapidly pressing restart. When your timing is right, seems to be when you just finish a level, you'll get the bug.
Notice that the Time can increases from .12s to a whole second :o!

Good luck debugging ;).
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Re: BUG: Game replay is done

Postby Edward_Lii » 23 Jul 2013, 10:32

Hello Tedium,

Thanks for reporting this bug. :)
I think I know what is causing this, when 'r' is pressed during the frame the player is going to hit the exit in the level replay, reset is handled as if it was a level replay.
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