ScriptBlocks - Cool Java-based sandbox game

ScriptBlocks - Cool Java-based sandbox game

Postby shazzner » 25 Jun 2011, 00:00

This is done by a friend of mine, it's sort of a minecraft/boomblox cross sandbox game. Right now you can just build cool structures, but he's working on adding challenges/puzzles.
Right now the game is entirely open source along with the art and it's easy to mod in new blocks (they're all scripted in javascript, hence scriptblocks).

It runs in Java so it's cross-platform and it uses the jMonkey engine for rendering. Also it's be developed in Ubuntu (I had a little help on it early on).

His blog along with more videos:

Anyway, check it out and feel free to post it on the blog. He's getting a little discouraged since there seems to be no feedback.
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Re: ScriptBlocks - Cool Java-based sandbox game

Postby FreakNigh » 25 Jun 2011, 07:44

There are a lot good free games that don't get a lot of feedback anymore. There are just too many games and definitely too many people making games. So the mature games have trouble getting attention let alone the ones in alpha stages. I think his main problem though is just presentation, I can't tell what he is really trying to do and the blog style website for it is not enough. If it is open source he should make a sourceforge page and build his website with the free hosting, just install like joomla and a good template. Then he needs to get his game on all the developer forums and etc. If he wants to develop WITH attention then he'll need to do advertising, whether his game is free or not. I would recommend these days if you are making a game you do it firstly for yourself because these days making a real winning game is like becoming a movie star, sure anyone can be an actor...
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