Roguelike vs Action RPG

Roguelike vs Action RPG

Postby Jastiv » 24 Dec 2018, 00:29

The Diablo series was the name of a famous popular series that combined aspects of rougelikes with the ever popular action rpg, with realtime combat. Traditional roguelikes are turn based affairs, hard to complete with many many deaths. Action games are just mow down a lot of monsters. What the diablo series did was take the random loot aspect, and combined it with the random dungeons aspect, while still keeping the traditional mow down hordes of monsters game mechanic of action rpgs.
I don't think we have ever had anything quite like that in free software, sure we have flare, but I'm not sure how random that is (I don't recall it being very random when I played it last) and we have all the traditional hardcore roguelikes. I'm never sure why we didn't combine them to get some kind of breakaway ever popular success project that would be diablo without everything bad about it (I mean all the problems with it being inherently proprietary)
Oh wait, we did, it was called Crossfire, but it kept too many of the mechanics from old school roguelikes. It kept the death penalty, but it toned it down. Also, I don't think the dungeons in diablo were all that random, honestly the ones in runescape are more random with the dungeoneering skill.
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Re: Roguelike vs Action RPG

Postby Danimal » 25 Dec 2018, 15:52

i absolutely hate the permadeath mechanics of pure rogues, you invest a lot of time in a character, try your best to keep it alive, and suddenly the gods of randonness decide you are dead without a chance to figth back. And you get nothing out of your invested time except for a "You are dead" screen. Only a masochist can enjoy something like that. On the other hand i played the shit out of "Rogue legacy" some years ago(commercial title, that game combined perfectly many of the aspect of both genres: not so unfair deaths, lasting rewards, progression, story, monster hordes, metroid-vania style, rewarded being skillful since beating a boss was possible early game; and the humour :) nothing like controlling a barbarian character with tourettes and irritable bowels. :lol:

Its a pity there is nothing close to it open source or even propietary to these days... i encourage to play it (and maybe clone it) to everyone, as for Diablo like there are countless clones, Flare and OpenDroid the only open source i can recall, Flare being still barebones with a very irresponsive community (seriously, asked for an easy tutorial on how to integrate more creatures this summer and no one answered at all, the number of monster is hardly on the teens, there is no pardon for it on such a monster centered game), there is a random dungeon inside of it, but its a late game content and not used anywhere else that i know of (mechanic is there at the very least) ; as of now the game is most suited for linear story telling intead of randoness.
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