canyon 42 (WIP - track)

canyon 42 (WIP - track)

Postby rubberduck » 08 Dec 2018, 14:49

I started working on a STK track again.

It is about a canyon as the header says and has "secret base" like elements (something like the area 51).

Included elements are:
a wooden bridge over the canyon, a cave that acts as a secret operation base, a crashed UFO and a ramp / cannon like in the new farm track




Todo's / known issues / plans for the future:
> improve ramp / cannon (basketball item does not get over cannon, issues when driving reverse, ai kart driving improvements)
> improve cave decoration elements, create and add own models too
> create final UFO model, add flying UFO (flying over and under bridge)
> add some more rocks and vegetation (maybe)
> the track needs an own original soundtrack
> maybe improve canyon / terrain meshes
> better sky texture
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Re: canyon 42 (WIP - track)

Postby GeekPenguinBR » 08 Dec 2018, 17:36

Hello, rubberduck! It's good to see a new project developed by you. Canyon has always been one of my favorite tracks and having it redone is something that will please many Supertukkart players, for sure.

Well, these are my impressions as a player and as someone who has also tried to contribute to the game by making tracks:

1. The environment is pretty cool. I really enjoyed the ups and downs and the rocks. All the terrain relief is very good.
2. The layout of the path/road is interesting and has a shape that should be considered definitive, in my opinion, of course.
3. The textures are good. Some rocks in which the textures don't look so good will certainly be improved by you.
4. The environment is still a bit "empty" (to my taste), so the items below are just some of my thoughts about a track with a theme like this.

It is a restricted location inspired by the famous "Area 51/52". It's obvious you are not re-creating the real one, but, there are a few things I could expect to find in that kind of environment. Everything below is just part of the 'brainstorm' and should not even be seen as a suggestion. It's just a listing of possibilities.

The one technical aspect that I emphasize are the bounces at the edges of the way, since they are still uneven and causing small "jumps". At 00:36 - 00:49 and 01:13 I slowed down to show this more clearly. ...

Well, you're an experienced track-maker, so you've understood what I mean and you know how to fix it.

Being an area where an extraterrestrial UFO landed or fell, the whole area would be very restricted and controlled by the military. If it was a project of mine, I would consider including:

- A zone with fence and warning signs;
- A military truck or jeep in the yard, behind the fence;
- Maybe (just maybe) an aircraft in the yard. A helicopter, to be precise.
- Sentry at the entrance gate of the restricted area;
- A shed that works as a laboratory for government scientists and authorities to examine fragments of the UFO and objects contained in it.
- Floodlights over the fence;
- A nightly version could be nice, also. In this case, a song track that resembles "X-Files" theme song and the songtheme of the old "Crescent Cross" would fit very well;

I would consider too, to start the track from the entrance gate of the restricted area. The gate itself would be the start line.

If it were a track of mine initiative, I would not put the flying saucer in the middle of the road, but I would insert it as a "surprise" near to the end of the runway and it would not be fully visible, but partially buried in the ground. Since it's a track made be you, you are totally free to put what you want.
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Re: canyon 42 (WIP - track)

Postby QwertyChouskie » Yesterday, 03:58

I feel like the scale of the items in the cave are much too big, STK should have a "larger-than-life" feeling, but that's too much. The chair is approx. 5 kart lengths from back to front. As far as music goes, maybe either the song from XR591 or ... n_fast.ogg would fit a little bit better?
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Re: canyon 42 (WIP - track)

Postby Mr.XX99 » Yesterday, 12:33

Hi rubberduck,

your track looks great and beautiful! And it has a very interesting and fun driveline. I like how not-flat it is :)

As GeekPenguinBR mentioned the track surface could be more smooth, but I think that's due to work in progress.
What I don't like is the cannon, it feels very unnatural, you're driving and suddenly you get picked up magically.
There could maybe be something like a ramp, so that it's somewhat logical to make a big jump there.
Also you get carried sideways if you're not driving straight to the cannon, what happens most of the time because of the corner before.

I also agree with GeekPenguinBR with maybe adding some more details, but that's of course up to you.
The UFO maybe could also be a bit more detailed.

I am really looking forward for this track getting finished. This could become one of my favorite tracks easily :)

@QwertyChouskie: Compared to the scale of Oliver's Math Class I don't think it is to big:
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Re: canyon 42 (WIP - track)

Postby rubberduck » Yesterday, 15:49

I changed some parts of the track now (also the shape changed a bit).

There will be an restricted area with a fence now. Currently this area is really empty but will be filled with contents soon.


I removed the cannon too while redesigning some parts of the track.
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