Help wanted: various small task for improving FGD

Help wanted: various small task for improving FGD

Postby Julius » 28 Sep 2018, 08:31

If anyone has time and the patience to help with some small tasks:

Small size tasks:
- adapt FGD emoticon set for HubZilla. See attachment for the images (additions in the same style are welcome). See for an example how HubZilla can be expanded with emoticons: ... miley_pack
- Update the Game Planet wiki with all the actual feed urls (I can give editing permission in HubZilla), see: ... Feeds/Home

Medium size tasks:
- make a nicer new theme for Hubzilla ( It is easiest to adapt the included Redmatrix theme to keep compatibility with upcoming releases. I guess a mod to the existing white version with some nice modification to make it more "FGD" would be sufficient.

Bigger size tasks:
- Update the XMPP plugin from Hubzilla to use the latest version of ConverseJS. See &
- Expand the XMPP plugin to include a full screen chat similar to the exisiting IRC plugin for Hubzilla, should be relatively easy once the new 4.0 converseJS is implemented.

Other ideas:
- Etherpad integration for Hubzilla (with Codepad mods to allow collaborative small coding sprints). Should be relatively easy with iframes and the IRC plugin as an example. Needs bookmarking and sharing of Etherpad URLs though.
- Something related to the Wiki? I am in favour of retiring it and just use the Hubzilla wiki stuff and a potential new forum for such things, but I am open to other ideas.

I am also thinking of enabling the following software: Weblate/Pootle, Gitea, Flarum, Matterbridge, etc. so ideas related to those projects would also help. In general we probably need "OpenID Connect (OAuth2)" links for most of the user facing software as the new version of HubZilla should allow external logins through that soon.

Other suggestions?
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