ask and share other idea

ask and share other idea

Postby tuxdroid » 02 Aug 2018, 16:31

I want to ask, can STK be added with an optional feature to choose a kart that will be an opponent, or choose a lot of twin karts?

can there be a feature for customizing weapon objects such as nollok that uses hammers on certain karts?

then the game mode idea at STK:
1. chase the key owner and get the treasure / release the prisoner
the player chases the kart that holds the key and attacks it with a cake in order to make the key escape from the enemy's kart and used to run open the door or gate to take the specified item and go to the finish point to win. whether it is collecting treasure or freeing someone who was kidnapped by nolok? simply approach the object and get. (can be played solo or multiplayer)

2. build bridges
a game mode where players build bridges from square blocks on the ground by pushing and dropping. pass the lake to the opposite side with time limits. there is a bird eye view mode and see from a wide scope.

3. mosquito hunters
players are equipped with mosquito repellent and kill mosquitoes as much as possible and collect items, there are mosquitoes (traps) that can explode and reduce the items taken. / mosquitoes that are left for a long time will grow and explode.

4. care about the environment
players collect garbage, either cans, pack snacks, wrap drinks on the road, park, and throw them in the trash according to their type, dry to dry, wet to wet and so on. there is an option the player can choose the type of waste that is obtained to be chosen discarded in the bin according to its type.

5. drop the jumping fish
there will be fish jumping in the pond / sea, players can head or shoot cake so the fish falls to the surface
and collect it. and a kart that falls into the water is not subject to penalty and there is a route from inside the pool to the surface.

6. Follow instructions
the colors appear on a few square floors, the player must follow the marked steps (can run on 4 tiles and so on), the start is easy and the longer it becomes more complicated. added bird eye mode.

6. additional storymode
when winning the race with nollok, added story mode where nollok did not give up and asked the player to beat him in 3-strike battle mode before he release gnu.

because there are thunderbird as referees, can rubberball be replaced with the old "mozilla sunbird" mascot? maybe the sunbird carries a fireball / calendar and drops or just hits a player in the first position.

then anchor, when there are players who get anchors can be shot to other players and other players who get hit, can shoot at other players.

I think I have many ideas from me that I have revealed, sorry if there are many. :oops:
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