Rules & About?

Rules & About?

Postby onpon4 » 21 Jun 2018, 14:13

So, I was looking around, and I noticed something odd: I couldn't find anywhere anything explaining either what this forum is about, or what the rules for posting are. Shouldn't this stuff be in a prominent place? If I can't find it, I'd wager to guess many others can't either and that would definitely contribute to the number of people assuming this is a place to post about gratis, proprietary games.

Edit: I do notice on a second read that the "This is how you should post on this forum" topic mentions that non-open-source projects will be deleted, but I missed it the first time because it's just one line and the font is so large that it looks like a title.
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Re: Rules & About?

Postby Julius » 21 Jun 2018, 17:37

We are getting too many drive-by postings/advertisment (usually moderated before it is visible to regular users) anyways, and it is clear that these people don't bother to read even a single line in this forum. For others who actually do read, it should be pretty obvious anyways...

Regarding general rules... not really needed in my opinion and they usually just cause a lot of disagreement over the details.
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