Using SuperTux art/music in other open projects ?

Using SuperTux art/music in other open projects ?

Postby miharix » 10 Jun 2018, 13:22

First let me introduce... I'm primary school teacher from small country called Slovenia(population 2Milion). Big Linux and Open Source lover.

Because of language barer our kids have a harder to learn on their own Linux, Programming and Electronic... like kids in English speaking / other big countries.
I'm planing this summer to help reduce the beerier by recording and making public/non commercial, short teaching videos (few experimental recordings had a very positive effect in my class).

But to make the videos more attractive to kids(~10year old) I'm thinking to bind them in some sort of story,
Something like small Tux has to complete some real world task(program,build...) on his path to...

Unfortunately I'm terrible in art... but then it hit me... could I use SuperTux files (art,music,sounds,game editor) in my public videos ??
Would this be OK, if I then make a reference to used source in the end of each video?

Thanks for the info.
& BIG thanks whole group for the great game that I enjoyed playing it so many hours.
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Re: Using SuperTux art/music in other open projects ?

Postby brmbrmcar » 12 Jun 2018, 00:11

Yes, as long as you credit the authors of the files, state any changes and link to the CC BY-SA license.
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