WTF? The old game looks so much better.

WTF? The old game looks so much better.

Postby LiamM32 » 19 Jul 2014, 21:36

So I have just started playing Lips of Suna recently in version 0.8. I have thought of trying to contribute to the project sometime. Then I stumbled on this video on YouTube;
WTF? That's version 0.5? It looks better than 0.8 in almost every way. It looks much like what I have wanted Lips of Suna to become in the future. But you already had it? Why would you go backwards in development?
0.5 has such better rendering. The eyes don't look so flat. The hair looks pretty good for a 3D game. You could interact with characters in ways other than "see character, kill character". The GUI looks probably better. You had all that and threw it out? Why?
The current game is quite playable, other than the painful glitch of falling through the ground, and burdening. But the only thing that I can really praise is that it automatically generates landscapes very well.
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