Reporting (potential) master-server-side bugs

Reporting (potential) master-server-side bugs

Postby freem » 13 Jun 2020, 19:20

Today, some players noticed that blue-nebula clients were no longer able to reach some servers, while red-eclipse client was still able to.

In order for us to be able to find and fix the problem, we need some informations:

    - the time at which you started noticing the problem, with your timezone (servers are likely to not be in your country);
    - is the problem specific to blue nebula client (which means, if possible, try with red-eclipse 1.6. If you can't, just say you could not try)?
    - is the problem specific to blue nebula master server (which is "")? This means we would appreciate it a lot if you switched to red-eclipse master (it is not saved, so restarting the game will revert to normal). To do so, use the command "/servermaster" and click on the "refresh" button in serverbrowser. To revert without reboot the game, use the command "/servermaster" and "refresh" anew.
    - if possible, try to connect to the server you wanted to join. You can do so with the command "/connect SERVER PORT" where SERVER is either a domain name or an IP, and PORT a number. For example, since deadbeef servers have the IP, the domain, and one of 28801 (RE1.6), 28803 (edit mode RE1.6), 28805 (BN1.6) you can connect to BN1.6 one with "/connect 28805".
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