Infinite/arcade level feature in MnMS 0.5.1 dev build

Infinite/arcade level feature in MnMS 0.5.1 dev build

Postby acme_pjz » 26 Jan 2019, 14:05

Hello all,

After some months of inactive the new version of script API is half finished, the v0.5.1 development branch is merged into master branch and the travis/appveyor nightly build is re-enabled.

Here I'd like to present my first attempt to make an infinite/arcade level:
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It's only a simple level with a moving spike walls and with randomly-generated platforms and collectibles. Please help me to test whether the v0.5.1 development versions works on your computer and whether the test level and the level random seed mechanism works.

Here are some records for the above level. The record file contains random seed used when playing the level, in order to reproduce the level during level replay. I don't know if the MSVC/GCC/Clang's implementations of C++11 MT19937 in random library are consistent. Please test if the record works (the best time is 92.50s and the best collectible is 4) on your computer.
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Also it's welcome to make new random levels by either improve my example or make a new one from scratch.
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