Problem with Open Source SuperTuxKart

Problem with Open Source SuperTuxKart

Postby joannelaw » 02 Feb 2017, 06:42

Hi all, I'm new here. :) I have an assignment on writing a report for an open source 3D game which required me to download, compile and run the source code.

I'm having a problem in installing and compiling the open-source supertuxkart. I downloaded the stk-code from here: by following the instruction from However, I couldn't find the stk-assets for the game. Besides, the instruction of installing and compiling the game code is unclear for me (the instructions are written under as I can't find the keywords which mentioned in the page.

Hope that someone could provide a link where I can download the package of assets and a clearer instruction which included the images for understanding. Thank You. :)
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Re: Problem with Open Source SuperTuxKart

Postby charlie » 02 Feb 2017, 10:49

I will move this to the STK forum since you posted it in the General FreeGameDev forum.
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Re: Problem with Open Source SuperTuxKart

Postby konstin » 02 Feb 2017, 12:57

You shouldn't "find" the source code or the assets for the game. You should simply execute the commands in a terminal/shell, which will download them for you. Assuming that you've never done anything with open source before, you need to install git and svn (subversion) first, alongside with the build tools mentioned in the guide. Our building guide in the readme is pretty straight forward, so you should be able to complete the task with a bit of google and a bit of try and error.
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