Random map generator?

Random map generator?

Postby eugeneloza » 23 Dec 2014, 17:34

Does OD need a random map generator? I'm afraid I'm not that good at C and absolutely no good at Ogre, but I could write the basic C code for logic.
Sketch of my random map generation algorithms I've done for my Project Helena:
OD maps follow a another logic which I do not understand completely yet. But it's fixable.
The question is - is it needed?
Definately it's not a replacement for hand-made maps, but an addition. Maybe, even to campaign. I'll just need 'requirements' what gameplay style the map should emphasize.
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Re: Random map generator?

Postby hwoarangmy » 25 Dec 2014, 22:59

eugeneloza {l Wrote}:Does OD need a random map generator?
IMHO, we will need 2 kind of maps:
- Campaign maps : They will be very specific with special goals. They usually follow a concept. A map generator is probably not well fitted for that
- Multiplayer maps : There, it can be used. But it will have to make maps as fair as possible for every players (same amount of ressources). I think it won't be easy to do.

That's why, I believe having a map generator would be usefull but making it create well balanced maps will be really hard. But the other option is to let it create only the tiles (probably the most boring stuff to do) and let a human create rooms and place creatures (the interesting part).
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Re: Random map generator?

Postby Bertram » 27 Dec 2014, 02:57

I must say I wonder whether such an algorithm could use some kind of mirroring to make maps that are perfectly fair.

I do also think that a quick skirmish map generator would be perfect as a long-term goal. ;)

That's also something I'd love to add in VT to make the game have some kind of endless dungeon and permit the players to get what they could catch earlier in game.
(Some kind of cool near-end game dungeon to for OCDs ;P)

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