Red Eclipse Reviews

Red Eclipse Reviews

Postby Evropi » 08 Oct 2013, 12:34

Hey, maybe we should have a forum thread for all reviews of RE.

Here is one by TuxArena from... just yesterday, in fact! :D A very favourable review indeed, though the reviewer seems to have been greatly underwhelmed by the sounds in the game.
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Re: Red Eclipse Reviews

Postby arand » 08 Oct 2013, 21:50

There are quite a few already documented as well: {l Wrote}:The following is a summary list of Red Eclipse in the media and on the
internet; it is not intended to be a comprehensive guide. If you are
looking to collect bits and pieces for use in your own media, it is
appreciated if you focus on what makes Red Eclipse unique, rather than
using any comparisons to other games.

Quinton "quin" Reeves
Lead Developer, Red Eclipse

= Press and Blogs =

[2013-02-14] LAN Party Mania | Red Eclipse
"Red Eclipse is a free competitive shooter similar to Quake and Unreal Tournament... but on crack."

[2012-10-22] GameSpot Users: TheNineRings | Red Eclipse and Assault Cube. Oh yeah, and me too.
"What makes this FPS distinctive is that you are extremely mobile. Dodges, double jumping, wall running, midair and ground based dashes, a diving kick [..] and jetpacks."
> ... 0-25996813

[2012-09-09] eGamer | Indie Review: Red Eclipse
"Red Eclipse is a blast to play, it's awesome fun, and it's free. It's one of the best indie games of the year."

[2012-08-20] Super Budget Brothers Podcast | Red Eclipse
> http://superbudgetbrothers.files.wordpr ... clipse.mp3

[2012-03-03] MakeUseOf | Red Eclipse – A Pulse-Pounding First Person Shooter Game
"Will Red Eclipse become my new number one shooter? Quite possibly." --Danny Stieben
> ... oter-game/

[2012-01-24] | Review: Red Eclipse - An Open Source Fast-Paced Classic Shooter
"The gameplay is nothing short of stupendous, allowing the player to run on walls, double jump and turn jumps into flying kicks that usually translate into instant kills."
> ... c-shooter/

[2011-03-18] Joystiq | Free, open source FPS 'Red Eclipse' hits version 1.0
"Red Eclipse is a full-featured, Quake 3 Arena-style first person shooter with, as you can see in the trailer after the break, some nice touches, including a wallrunning system, lots of bright colors exploding around and what looks like pretty good ragdoll physics."
> ... rsion-1-0/

[Date Unknown] Open Source | 5 Open Source First-Person Shooter Video Games (Page 3)
"Red Eclipse is a fairly textbook FPS -- weapons, enemies, fight! -- but its parkour-style physics allow players to perform unusual acrobatics and its mode/mutator system offers an unusually wide range of gameplay."
> ... ames_3.htm

= Honourable Re-mentions =

Usually, this just means all they did was give a decent re-mention, usually release announcements.

[2013-03-26] WEB UPD8 | Open Source FPS Game 'Red Eclipse' 1.4 Brings Graphical and Gameplay Enhancements
"Red Eclipse is very fun to play with your friends or with the growing online community"
> ... se-14.html

[2013-01-10] Free Gamer | Red Eclipse, STK feature in Microsoft Promo
> ... rsoft.html


> ... lipse.html
> ... &px=OTcyOQ
> ... px=MTAzODM
> ... lipse.html

= Misc Stuff = Reviews

Desura Reviews

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Re: Red Eclipse Reviews

Postby favorito » 27 Nov 2013, 06:06

A review a sibling of mine wrote: ... latform=PC

It is a bit out of touch (it was written when v1.0 debuted), but it was largely a fair piece I believe at the time. I'd be curious to see how he might think jumping into v1.4.
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