How to post on these forums

How to post on these forums

Postby Julius » 16 Mar 2024, 17:46

If you want to start a discussion on these forums, please make an on-topic and clearly not spam post in one of the respective still open subforums.

Then be patient for a moderator to approve your fist post. It will usually take around 24h.

We are getting *a lot* of spam on these forums, so if your post is not very clearly on-topic and has a very clearly to distinguish title it will very likely be remove with all the other spam. Be explicit! Posts like "how can I post here?" are indistinguishable from the AI spam we get!

Also please be aware that these forums are depreciated. So unless you have a very specific question for the still open sub-projects, please use the new forum on or contact us via chat: (IRC/XMPP/Matrix supported).
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