How do I jump out of water?

How do I jump out of water?

Postby ramendik » 26 Nov 2023, 01:28

Judging by videos such as , Tux can jump to some height after swimming in water.

How do I do this? I tried spamming the jump button (Space) but nothing happens, the jump is still very low.
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Re: How do I jump out of water?

Postby AllyTheOcelot » 26 Nov 2023, 22:56


to gain a decent ~6 tile amount of height from water you just need to build up the speed in the water by holding space

to gain a lot of height or exceed the swimming speedcap you need to fall from a high place, gain tonnes of momentum, and hold jump when you hit the water and hold a direction to gain speed. the downwards velocity is converted into horizontal velocity
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