Help with the basics of running a server

Help with the basics of running a server

Postby Osric » 06 Aug 2021, 03:30

I've followed the directions on github to create my own instance of freecivweb using docker compose.

In the resulting docker container, I had to change permissions on /var/lib/tomcat/webapps/ so that savegames would work at all. Having done that, I can save games after starting the container in single player mode.

When I restart the container, I cannot find those games any more, though the files are still there.

Basically I need some handholding on the simple thing that I want to do, which is:

- start a live multiplayer game with friends on my freecivweb server
- save hte game when we're all tired, and shut down the contianer
- resume the game a few days or weeks later

It looks like if I keep the container alive, people can disconnect and reload the game URL and that'll be fine (whether the game is saved or not); but saving and loading the game across restarts seems a challenge.

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