[level] Dungeon Crawling game demo [2.3.1 New speed]

[level] Dungeon Crawling game demo [2.3.1 New speed]

Postby PampoKiraly » 14 Oct 2020, 19:36


Hey all!

This is a top-wiew game in MeAndMyShadow that has been made without scripting!
For no spoilers on what does what, download the level and make sure not to read the instructions below!

Enjoy :)


When you open the level, you will see your character chooser. Press the USE key to cycle between different characters, and once you find one that you like press the JUMP key to select it. Now wait one or two seconds, and you are ready to go! Now you will see the dungeon board and also some random things. Don't even bother look at those random things because they don't affect the gameplay at all.
You can find all these inside the dungeon:
  • Your dungeon-character (pushable / shadow-pushable / block / shadow-block)
  • Some spikes (spikes)
  • A key (collectible)
  • A door (exit)
  • A switch (switch)
  • Two teleports (teleport)
  • And a checkpoint (swap)
You can control the dungeon-character like in any other normal games (press down, to move down. Press right to move right. etc...).

Your goal is to collect the key, and then enter the exit. To get acces to the key, you must pull the switch!

If you die, then your character will automatically respawn. Going over the checkpoint (swap), will set your spawn there!

Moving inside a teleporter (teleport) automatically teleports you into the other teleporter. You can then move out from the teleporter. To teleport back, you have to move out, and then in again!

It is also pretty useless to open up the level in the level editor because all you will see is... oh well... arrows:
(this picture is a tiny bit outdated... now it is even more confusing with the teleporters, spikes, switches, and moving walls...)

If you find any bugs, or you got a rekord that is faster than mine, then please let me know! I'll try to fix the bug as fast as I can, or include your new rekord into the game! Thank you!
(current golden medal requirement: 11. 57 second)

Level download

You can download the level two ways:
1. Downoad the map as a zip and then add it your custom levels or
2. Replace a level's savefile, with this.

Here is the github page in case you want to see some older versions (2.0+ versions only)
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[1.1.0] Huge update!

Postby PampoKiraly » 01 Nov 2020, 10:17

Version 1.1.0

Welcome to the first update of this demo game! I completly rethinked the movement system allowing me to make the logic smaller and better.
The new system is faster than ever and also allowed me to do some new things!

Here are all the changes:
  • New movement system! The new system is four times faster than the old one, and also fully playerproof. You can now press the buttons as fast you want, the system will never break.
  • Custom death, and checkpoints! When you die, you will instantly respawn without you pressing the R key. Also you can save at the checkpoint (swap), and from that point you will always respawn on the last checkpoint!
  • Teleporters! With the new movement system, it was very easy to implement this. Just walk onto a teleporter, and press the use button.
  • More shadow proofing! The new movement system was designed a way, that It's hard to cheat, and still not to break the system by moving your shadow. You shouldn't try because it will be guaranteed that only the system will break and you will never be able to get into the real exit.

And here is my todo list for 1.2.0:
  • More shadow proofing! I don't want to let the player cheat by moving the shadow, so I want to make sure that the system always breaks when you move your shadow!
  • Character selecter! I want to add a feature, so that you can choose how you want your character to look like. This is pretty easy to implement but I just havent done it yet.
  • Doors and levers! This is the hardest one, so it might come in later versions, but I already have an idea on how can I make this into a real feature so It's propably coming to 1.2!

And some more todo for later versions:
  • Enemies and fighting! This is something completly new, and yet I really have no idea how this is going to work so thats why It's not going to 1.2 ...
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[1.1.1] Very small bugfixing update.

Postby PampoKiraly » 01 Nov 2020, 10:46

Version 1.1.1

Fixed a layering issue. Now all Z order should be correct.

A special level is currently under development, which will explain how this Dungeon Crawling game works in fine detail. It's also possible that I will also include a custom theme for it, so you I can explain it in better detail...
The reason I want to make this because most people can't understand anything when looking at this picture:

(This picture is also a tiny bit outdated. Now it looks way simplier, but in reality it is way more complicated!)
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Normal update!

Postby PampoKiraly » 02 Nov 2020, 12:36

Version 1.2.0

Welcome to the third update of this demo game! I've completed almost everything that was on my todo list for 1.2! Most of them are just minor changes, but they make the game feel much better.

Here are all the changes:
  • Better wall detection! Before, when you pressed a button that would move the character inside a wall, your character would just disappear, and then reappear in one second. Now with the update, I remade the system and removed completly the blinking!
  • Character chooser! At the beggining of the level, you can choose to press Up, or Down key to select which character you want. Pressing Up keeps the old pushable, pressing Down replaces it with the shadow-pushable.
  • More shadow proofing! This is not how I originally planned it, but it kinda works. I just put spikes everywhere you if you move your shadow, the shadow will propably going to die unless you move your shadow the way the control buttons would do!
  • Better control pannel! All signs are invisible now to make the control pannel much cleaner. Also the messages were blinking all the time when you jumped from one button to another, but now that's also fixed.

And here is my todo list for future versions:
  • Levers and moving walls! Yep! This is still here. I wasn't been able to get this feature to work, but I really wanted to add all the features that I already had as fast as possible, so I'll just put it on this list.
  • Enemies! Still here. At least I knew I can't make this for 1.2 ...
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Big update!

Postby PampoKiraly » 06 Nov 2020, 11:38


So I did nothing from my todo list, but I did something completly unexpected!
I playtested the game with my dad, and he said that It's a real pain to move around on the map by jumping from button to button, instead of just pressing the four arrow keys like in any other normal games.

So I quickly tried if It's possible to make, and then implemented a better version here.

Now there is no use button, instead everything works automatically!

Have fun! :D
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Sneak peak

Postby PampoKiraly » 31 Dec 2020, 11:30

2.0 coming soon!

Ik that nobody cares, but still! This is going to be the biggest update to the game yet....

Also the "how to build" level is getting more and more delayed, because 2.0 changed a lot of things! I'll see what I can do because it's also getting more and more complex :(

The full map is also getting more and more delayed for the same reasons.... but this one is definitely coming! :D
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[2.0] The biggest update yet!

Postby PampoKiraly » 03 Jan 2021, 10:17

2.0 is out now!

This update completly overhauled the movement system (again)! There are more pros then cons, but let me tell you all of them:
  • Much much much faster! There is almost no timelimit on how fast can you press the move keys!
  • 100% shadow proof! You can whatever you want with your shaodw. The system will never break!
  • It's a real pain to set it all up. Yet we can't copy paste links between two teleports, and the new system uses a ton of teleports!
  • It comes with quite a few bugs, but all of them can be fixed for sure, but yet I just don't know how...

  1. New movement system.
  2. Removed the character switching feature. I'll add it back with a future update!
  3. Teleports are not working. I will also fix this in a future update!
  4. Better death, and respawn system.
  5. Fixed every bug with the shadow!
  6. Made the map in the editor even more confusing than ever! This is not intentionall, but oh well... I can't really do anything to fix this.
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[2.1] Teleporters are back!

Postby PampoKiraly » 10 Jan 2021, 11:15

2.1 brings back the teleporters!

The teleports are back working again!

Currently working on the character switching feature, which should make the 2.2 update in it's entirety!
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[2.2] Brand new characters!

Postby PampoKiraly » 10 Jan 2021, 20:15

2.2 adds some brand new characters into your game!

I added a new charcter switching mechanic into the game.
When you load the map, you get a message explaining how you can choose a character.

You can pick between pushable, shadow-pushable, block, shadow-block.

Also did some minor changes to a few things, but it didn't change anything to the gameplay.

2.3 plans:
With the new system, I can make now switches, and moving walls/spikes! It might not work, and I am completly wrong but this doesn't matters at all because no one is even noticing this level that I am updating :(
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[2.3] Switches and moving walls

Postby PampoKiraly » 11 Jan 2021, 14:39

2.3 is already out! It brings you some switches and walls into your beloved dungeon crawling game!

Go over the switch to activate it. It should now disappear and so the wall that blocks your way to the dungeon key.

I don't plan on updating this demo game for a while, because I already reached the limits of MeAndMyShadow, and also there is nothing else to add into the game...
Maybe now I start working on the full map, or the explanatory map but i'm not sure about any of these.

Hope you enjoy this last update for a while (the only thing you can expect from me for a while, is a small bugfixing update which should fix a visual bug!)
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[2.3.1] New golden medal speed requirement!

Postby PampoKiraly » 31 Jan 2021, 13:24

2.3.1 is the smallest update yet!

The only thing that got changed is the speed requirement for the medals!
Let me know if you got a faster speedrun!
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