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10 Best Open Source FPS Games

Re: 10 Best Open Source FPS Games

Postby Evropi » 01 Sep 2019, 11:21

I love that the blog's back, but I must disagree with one point raised in the post...

Red Eclipse is a complete and polished game.

It's 'still in development' in the sense that it is being re-written with the Tesseract engine, which is the spiritual successor to Cube 2 and includes Global Illumination among other cool things (it was actually ahead of Unreal in a lot of tech at the time it came out). The current release is basically final - it is a full, complete, polished and very fun game! For me, it's actually my favourite of the lot, and I dare say it's one of the few genuine innovators on that list. I remember being in the IRC channel when TitanFall (1) came out and everyone being dumbfounded at how it was basically RE, but with giant robots and ironsights.

It had a great community here, sadly people have gone over the years as v1 finished and all work moved to v2. Currently the lead developer is unable to contribute to the project due to personal circumstances, but a tremendous amount of progress has been made and I can definitely see a formal release of v2 on the horizon.
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Re: 10 Best Open Source FPS Games

Postby fluffrabbit » 01 Sep 2019, 11:26

It could use a really solid solo campaign.
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Re: 10 Best Open Source FPS Games

Postby Julius » 01 Sep 2019, 13:43

It had one in the early days before the split and name change happened... well not solid but definitely a start for a cooperative mode playing against hordes of Zombie like NPCs.

But overall I think relative to the effort it takes to make a single player campaign the advantage to have it in RE would be rather small. Maybe something with high replay value akin to Left4dead, but otherwise the developer time is probably better spend elsewhere.
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