Wyrmsun 2.5.1

Wyrmsun 2.5.1

Postby Andrettin » 24 Dec 2016, 22:36

Wyrmsun 2.5.1 is now live! Check out the changelog below.

- 2.5.1 Changelog

* AI
- Fixed bug which sometimes resulted in AI forces trying to go to the top-left corner of the screen.

* Buildings
- Dwarven buildings now use stone (instead of lumber) for construction, except for the Yale Pen, Dock and mines.
- Added Germanic Dock (graphics by Jinn).

* Campaigns
- Mineral resources for the Earth campaign map are now based on the real location of resources (except for those in the player starting points), instead of being randomly generated.
- Added The First Dwarves campaign.

* Factions
- Removed faction splitting, as the feature was not performing as expected.
- Updated the faction effects string to be more objective.

* Grand Strategy
- Removed province and tile name generation, greatly saving on memory usage.

* Maps
- Improved the symmetric map generation.

* Miscellaneous
- Fixed a crash related to worker gathering.

* Quests
- As missions are transitioning to the Campaign mode, acquiring technology points to unlock units, buildings and upgrades is no longer required for the missions.
- The storylines of the A Rocky Home and The Binding of Grafvitnir quests are now part of the The First Dwarves campaign, and thus those quest scenarios have been removed. The storyline has also been modified, so that the dwarves now have to slay the wyrm, rather than put fetters on it, and the kobolds who serve the wyrm now play a more prominent role.

* Units
- Dwarven Axefighters and Yale Riders no longer cost Lumber.
- Yales no longer attack if a unit gets close to them.
- Added Germanic Transport ship (graphics by Jinn).

* Upgrades
- The dwarven Masonry technology now costs only stone and no lumber.
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