Wyrmsun 2.5.0

Wyrmsun 2.5.0

Postby Andrettin » 07 Dec 2016, 02:05

Patch 2.5.0 is finally here!

The most notable changes in it are:

1. A new "Campaign Mode", which allows you to play a story on a huge map (256x256). After completing the storyline you have the option to conquer the entire map.

2. The primary resource is now Copper, rather than Gold. Copper, like silver and gold, was a metal commonly used as currency. It is also more sensible for the value of copper (rather than that of gold) to be roughly the same as that of lumber and stone. This change means that now finding silver and gold deposits is now appropriately much more rewarding, as unit costs remain the same, and silver converts to copper at a 200% rate, and gold at a whopping 400% rate. Players now start out with a copper deposit near their town hall, rather than a gold one.

See below for the full changelog.

- 2.5.0 Changelog

* Abilities
- The learning buttons for Healing and Precision now correctly display descriptions for them.
- Yale Lords can now learn Leadership Aura.
- The Leadership Aura's effect is now only applied if units are in combat.

* AI
- Made the AI easier on Easy difficulty.

* Buildings
- Temples and docks now correctly have a rally point button.
- The goblin Dock now correctly has the same quantity of under construction frames as those of the other civilizations (new frame by Jinn).
- Revamped Lumber Mill and Smithy names.
- Temples now sell scrolls.
- Temples now correctly receive the time efficiency bonus from Writing upgrades.
- Increased the sight of buildings which had a sight of 1 to 2.
- Added Germanic Dock graphics (at the moment used only for the Teuton pre-Masonry Dock).

* Factions
- Revamped Frankish personal names.
- Revamped Anglo-Saxon personal names.
- Revamped Lombardic personal names.
- Faction splitting now only happens in the campaign mode.
- Added several new Germanic tribes: the Eraling Tribe (+2 Damage for Eralas), the Karling Tribe (+1 Food per Farm), the Thielung Tribe (+1 Damage and +1 Accuracy for Eralas) and the Thrahiling Tribe (+5% Lumber Processing).

* Grand Strategy
- Fixed issue which sometimes caused a crash when loading a grand strategy game.

* Heroes
- Persistent heroes (including custom ones) can now be hired at barracks-type buildings and mercenary camps in single-player games (outside of quest scenarios and the grand strategy mode).
- Added Erala (Germanic Warrior) (icon by Exidelo).
- Added Sigibert (Frankish Ritter) (icon by Jinn).

* Items
- Fixed an issue which caused units without inventory to clear their order queue after picking up a healing item.
- Fixed an issue which caused healing item auto-use to clear the unit's order queue.
- Added two new unique spathas, Frey's Sword and Sigrljoma.
- Fixed issue which allowed units to pick up items laying on the ground even if the path to them was blocked.
- Added Fafnir's Heart unique item.

* Miscellaneous
- Fixed issue which caused Germanic players to have the Teuton Civilization upgrade researched at scenario start when restarting the scenario after having developed the Teuton civilization.
- New See Garrison button icon (by Jinn).
- Fixed issue which caused the autosave to remain active even after deactivating it in the options.
- Flavor triggers now only happen in the campaign mode.
- Changed the "Defeat your enemies" default objective description to "Defeat your rivals".
- The gold resource is now copper instead. Gold is now converted to copper at a 400% rate, while silver is converted to copper at a 200% rate.
- A popup is now displayed with the name of a resource when hovering over its icon.

* Quests
- Added a new Campaign mode, playable on a huge map.
- The player now receives a notification when new in-game quests are available, instead of a quest symbol hovering over the town hall.
- In-game quests are now only obtainable in the campaign mode.
- Added the "Master of Metal" in-game quest for the Germanics.

* Terrain
- Improvements to the rock, cave wall, dry mud and cave floor tile transitions (by Jinn).
- The forest tileset now again uses the previous dirt and rock tiles used for it (by Jinn).
- Improvements to the water tile transitions (by Jinn).
- Fixed crash which happened when attacking dungeon walls.

* Units
- Ships now receive individual names.
- Personal name epithets are no longer generated for fauna units.
- Added Goat (unit graphics by Jinn, based on b_o's yale; icon by Exidelo; sounds by Wildfire Games).
- Added Boar (unit graphics by Jinn, based on the boar model by Wildfire Games; icon by Exidelo; sounds by Wildfire Games).
- Added Wolf (unit graphics by Jinn, based on the wolf model by Wildfire Games; icon by Exidelo; sounds by the Battle for Wesnoth team).
- Removed fauna breeding to improve performance, and because it didn't serve enough of a purpose.
- Skutans and Schutzes now correctly have mana.
- Fixed issue which caused some Gnomish factions to not be able to train Recruits.
- Animal idle sounds are now played less frequently.
- The owner of goblin Thieves is now hidden (they appear as if they were neutral to other players).
- The popup which appears when hovering over a unit instead of displaying the personal name followed by the unit's type name, now displays the unit's type name (or its proper name in the case of unique/magic items or heroes) followed by the name of its owning faction.
- Names of heroes now have the proper color when hovering over their portrait in unit multi-selection or from within a transporter.
- Attacking is no longer the default action for when right-clicking non-aggressive fauna.
- Improved the performance of unit sight calculation when changing the time of day.
- Added level 2 infantry upgrades for the Germanic Warrior and the Teuton Krieger.
- The Teuton Krieger can now upgrade to the Ritter.
- Dwarven Miners can now upgrade to Skilled Miner and (at level 3) to Expert Miner (icons by Exidelo, based on Jinn's Dwarven Miner icon).
- Added icons for the Brising Skilled and Expert Miners for the Brising Faction Flair DLC.
- Update to the Horse graphics (modification by Jinn).
- Updated the Frankish Faction Flair DLC with new base swordsman icons.
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Re: Wyrmsun 2.5.0

Postby Imerion » 08 Dec 2016, 02:09

Amazing work, as usual! Campaign mode sounds really fun!

I may be asking for the impossible, but can campaign maps be played in multiplayer? That would be epic. ;)
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Re: Wyrmsun 2.5.0

Postby Andrettin » 09 Dec 2016, 02:23

Imerion {l Wrote}:Amazing work, as usual! Campaign mode sounds really fun!

Thank you! :)

I may be asking for the impossible, but can campaign maps be played in multiplayer? That would be epic. ;)

They can't (they have a different structure than normal maps). A 256x256 map made in the editor would work in multiplayer, though.
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