Wyrmsun 2.4.0

Wyrmsun 2.4.0

Postby Andrettin » 19 Aug 2016, 21:07

Attention! This patch thoroughly reworked how the tile system functions. While the game still supports maps written in the old format, open and re-save your custom maps with the editor to make sure they will work with future patches.


- 2.4.0 Changelog

* Abilities
- Fixed close-quarters pathing issue for units' autocast for abilities like Stun.
- Added Precise Shot active learnable ability (deals an attack that has 100% chance of resulting in a critical hit).
- Added Scouting passive learnable ability (increases sight), available for ranged units. Dwarven Scouts, Pathfinders and Explorers start with this ability already learned (icon by Exidelo).
- Added Precision spell (causes status effect that doubles accuracy), learnable by dwarven Witnesses and Teuton Priests.

* Buildings
- Rally points are now correctly stored when saving a game.

* Civilizations
- The Goblins are now playable.
- Added Goblin UI (graphics by Jinn).

* Editor
- Fixed issue which caused certain custom units to be transformed into pre-existing ones when the map starts.
- Fixed issue which caused the interface for setting graphics for custom item types to not work.
- A unit type's drops may now be set through the editor.
- Fixed crash which happened when trying to place a custom unit based on the "unit-template-sapient-unit" template.
- Fixed issue which caused magic affixes set to items to not be saved if the item type didn't have any uniques.
- Fixed issue which caused a crash when viewing the properties of amulets and books.
- Which literary work a scroll or book contains can now be set in the editor.
- Terrain types are no longer limited to a tileset, and can now be placed on any map.

* Factions
- Added Du'urdin gnomish polity.

* Grand Strategy
- Added Du'urdin province (Nidavellir).
- Fixed the position of the "No Day/Night Cycle" and "Battle Base Building" options in the Grand Strategy menu, so that they no longer occupy the same position.

* Heroes
- Goblin custom heroes can now be created.
- Fixed issue with heroes' stats increasing with every save/load while playing a scenario.
- Added a button on the right part of the screen to make it easier to select the custom hero.

* Items
- Fixed issue which caused a crash when a gryphon rider read a Scroll of Forgetfulness or a Book of Retraining.

* Maps
- Increased quantity of fauna units generated in maps.
- Fixed issue which caused a crash when approaching the long swordsman in random dungeons.

* Miscellaneous
- Updated the visual guide to include guidelines for ship graphics.
- Fixed minimap viewport rectangle issue which caused it to be 1 pixel smaller in both width and height than it should be.
- If there is a gold deposit in an unsettled area, a new tribe may split off from an existing one to occupy it.

* Quests
- Goblin Barbarians and Warlords are now present in the Caverns of Flame quest.
- Goblin custom heroes can now be used for dwarven quests.

* Terrain
- Added new dirt transitions (by Exidelo).
- Dirt tiles can now be built upon.

* Triggers
- Fixed issue which caused deactivated triggers to sometimes refire after loading a saved game.
- Added "The Curved Swords", "The Sun Chariot" and "The Sun Shields" flavor triggers for the Germanics in single-player custom games.

* Units
- Added Goblin Barbarian (upgrade of the Swordsman) (icon by Jesse Crider, modified from b_o's and Leo's Goblin Swordsman icon).
- Added Goblin Warlord (upgrade of the Barbarian) (icon by Jesse Crider).
- Added Goblin Shadowstalker (upgrade of the Headhunter) (icon by Jesse Crider, modified from Jinn's Goblin Headhunter icon).
- Ordinary enemy units now drop items in non-base-based missions (that is, ones in which no player owns or has ever owned a town hall).
- Fixed issue which caused unit individual upgrades to not be saved properly in saved games.
- Added Goblin Transport ship (graphics by Jinn).
- Goblin Gliders are now mechanical units.
- Dwarven Pathfinders can now upgrade to Gryphon Riders when leveling up.
- Fixed issue with destroyed doors not being passable after loading a saved game.
- Fauna units now prefer to move to terrain types that they are native to.
- Added Ettin (icon by Jinn, unit graphics by Jinn, modified from b_o's dwarven graphics) (currently only available through the map editor).
- Added graphics for young yales (modification of b_o's yale by Jinn).
- Goblin Thieves now correctly have 11 speed.
- Goblin Gliders can now patrol.

* Upgrades
- Added goblin Broad Sword and Long Sword upgrades (icons by Jinn).
- Added goblin Rimmed Shield and Embossed Shield upgrades (icons by Exidelo).
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