Wyrmsun 2.2.6

Wyrmsun 2.2.6

Postby Andrettin » 02 Jun 2016, 18:45

- 2.2.6 Changelog

* Abilities
- Added the Leadership Aura ability (graphics by Jinn), learnable by dwarven Stonelords and gnomish Masters-of-Arms. Units affected by the aura deal +10% damage.

* Civilizations
- The gnomish patrol button has been improved (by Jinn).

* Factions
- Added "Acthna" polity for the gnomes.

* Grand Strategy
- Possible start dates extended to 162 AD for Earth.
- The Lauenburg province has been amalgamated into Holstein.
- Fixed issue which caused workers to be reset to 1 upon loading a save game.
- Fixed issue which caused Battle Base Building to only be active if, after checking the option, the game was closed and reopened.
- Split the Khersonska, Odeska and Vinnytska provinces off the Ukraine one.
- Added a number of Latin and Celtic cultural settlement names.
- Split Portugal into the Alentejo, Beira and Douro provinces.
- Trade settings are now correctly carried over when forming a new faction.
- Added Acthna province for Nidavellir.

* Items
- Added "Scroll of Acthnic Allegiance", which transforms a gnomish unit (including gnomish custom heroes) into their faction equivalent for the Acthnic Tribe.

* Literary Works
- Added the "Meditations" literary work, which grants +1 HP. It can be dropped from the Latin Forum.
- The Hildebrandslied now grants +1% bonus vs. mounted, instead of +1% critical strike chance.

* Miscellaneous
- Fixed issue which caused a crash when starting a multiplayer game.
- The Technologies section of the encyclopedia is now divided in subsections according to civilization.
- Added "Dutiful" trait (+3 HP, +2 Mana).

* Units
- Added Goblin Magnate (icon design by Jesse Crider and graphics by Jinn), which innately has the Leadership Aura.
- Added "the Clever" epithet for the Intelligent trait, and "the Blessed" for the Pious trait.
- Gnomes of the Acthnic Tribe and the Acthna factions now have gray skin (graphic changes by Jinn).

* Upgrades
- Added Coinage technology for the Goblins (icon design by Jesse Crider and graphics by Jinn).
- Fixed issue which prevented siege projectile upgrades from showing up properly in the tech tree.
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