Wyrmsun 2.2.4

Wyrmsun 2.2.4

Postby Andrettin » 23 May 2016, 09:25

- 2.2.4 Changelog

* Buildings
- Building tooltips now show Food Supply.

* Factions
- Added Ubii Tribe (Teuton), which gets +5% Gold processing as its faction bonus (in the grand strategy mode they get a +5% precious metal production modifier).

* Grand Strategy
- Split the Devon and Somerset provinces off the Wessex one.
- Split the Gwynedd province off the Wales one.
- Split the Galloway and Strathclyde provinces off the Lowland Scotland one, and renamed the latter to Lothian.
- Split the Connaught, Munster and Ulster provinces off the Ireland one, and renamed the latter to Leinster.
- Split the Liege and Luxemburg provinces off the Belgium one.
- Split the North Brabant province off the Holland one.
- Greatly improved the setup of British and Irish tribes for the 9 BC start date.
- Added "Attacking", "Objectives" and "Units" entries to the Grand Strategy Concepts section in the encyclopedia.

* Heroes
- Fixed issue which caused the interface to break after advancing a Germanic hero to Teuton.

* Miscellaneous
- Improved the performance of the name generation pattern derivation when the game starts.
- Proper names are now more consistent when changing from a civilization/faction that has one language to another that has a different one. For example, the Germanic province name "Vestalanda" now becomes "Westlant" when changing civilization to Teuton and becoming the Suebi Tribe.

* Quests
- A raft no longer appears in the A Bargain is Struck quest (Dwarf) on hard difficulty or higher.
- The Gnomish Envoy now disappears when delivering the ruby in the A Bargain is Struck quest (Dwarf), as is more fitting with the dialogue.
- Added Goblin towers to defend the glyphs in the Closing the Gates quest (Dwarf) in the hard and brutal difficulties.

* Units
- Unit tooltips now show their Food Cost.
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