Wyrmsun AppImage (Linux x64)

Wyrmsun AppImage (Linux x64)

Postby sk1re » 15 Mar 2017, 22:12

I made an AppImage for Wyrmsun (v2.6.1). http://www.appimage.org/
It should run on every modern Linux x64 Distro. :)
http://www.mediafire.com/file/tmhdut7cx ... 4.AppImage ~251 MB

You have to make the AppImage executable:
chmod a+x Wyrmsun_2.6.1-x86_64.AppImage

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Re: Wyrmsun AppImage (Linux x64)

Postby L » 19 Mar 2017, 02:33

New user suddenly uploading binaries?


But seriously though, thanks.
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Re: Wyrmsun AppImage (Linux x64)

Postby Imerion » Yesterday, 17:20

Cool! Thanks!
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