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branch object

PostPosted: 14 Mar 2015, 16:13
by rubberduck
hi, i made a branch object, used in my beehive track


Polycount: 631 verts, 376 faces, 692 tris
Textures: Bark 1073 x 2717(could be smaller) Leaves 1024x1024
LOD: no
Special Effects: transparency, grass shader
License: cc0

Other: source-blend file for leaves-texture included, old version of branch (blend) included

edit: added screenshot from use in track

PostPosted: 14 Mar 2015, 23:10
by tuxkartdriver

Re: branch object

PostPosted: 19 Mar 2015, 04:13
by samuncle
Thank you for your contribution

I will check th the object tomorrow

However I wanted to ask you something. If I change the scale do you worry ? Since it might means to adjust the scale in your track :(.

I'm just asking that because currently we have nothing planned in these cases. Also now you can embedded objects from the library directly in the real repository by creating a folder called library.
Like textures objects embedded will have the priority.

Re: branch object

PostPosted: 20 Mar 2015, 16:10
by rubberduck
you can re-scale it, that is ok.