Testing release: 0.6.0-testing2

Re: Testing release: 0.6.0-testing2

Postby Wuzzy » 31 Jan 2015, 03:10

First I just repeat what I already said in chat about the new CTF mode:
  • It is quite difficult to take a flag once you stand on a flag post. You have to stand very close to it.
  • The flag post itself is also annoying, you collide too often withit rather than simply walk on it
  • The buildable structure should say the name of the one who has built them—visible at least for the members of the own team.
  • The “flag” should more look like a flag. It does not have to be pretty, some simple abstract shape could be enough for the start.

New comment:
One of the latest changes was boosing the impulse damper for the flag carrier.
I do not think this is a good idea—gameplay-wise—to boost the abilities of the flag carrier. It appeared to me that the impulse damper is so heavily boosted that you could use the etherboard forever. I think this is a very unjustified advantage here. It is also unusual in FPSs. Most FPSs don't change abilities of the flag carrier, some reduce some ability, most commonly speed.
For TOL, I'd say either don't change any abilities or reduce them. No change would simply keep the typical fast-paced TOL gameplay. Reducing abilities will making this more strategical, as it becomes more important to protect the flag carrier. This would require more teamwork. This also means that is slightly easier to protect the own flag base then to capture the flag—in theory.
Boosting the abilities of the flag carrier means that it is possible that the flag carrier can more easily survive on its own, less team work is needed. Not a good idea for a team-based game mode. ;)

But I would like to hear the opinions of other players about this recent change.

Problems I encountered with using TOL in general:

I had no audio in this version, I also cannot select anything in the audio settings, it just says “None”. But to be fair, I am also on a new machine, so I am not sure who to blame. At least the sound of all other video games on my machine have sound which works out of the box.

At one moment in our test session, TOL completely freezed. I guess this happened at the moment where you have shut down the server.
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Re: Testing release: 0.6.0-testing2

Postby fr1tz » 31 Jan 2015, 14:14

The rationale behind the impulse damper boost is simply to avoid direct hits catapulting the enemy flag carrier towards his team's flagstand when chasing him. Easy to disable and test how it works out without it.

@audio: Try installing your system's openAL library and removing the game's lib/libopenal.so
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