Public release: 0.4.0

Re: Public release: 0.4.0

Postby Julius » 02 Nov 2014, 13:11

Graphic settings are still not saved under linux even though a 0.4.0 folder with some content is created in the settings folder.

Also had to run with the "-OpenGLCompat" argument or else the graphics would look strange under my Kubuntu 14.04 Nvidia Optimus system. Does that slowdown the game?

Edit: Zoom-button workaround has not been included yet?
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Re: Public release: 0.4.0

Postby fr1tz » 02 Nov 2014, 14:06

Adding the -OpenGLCompat argument (rather than making it default behavior) was a deliberate choice because I wanted to get that bug in the open. I'm terrible at graphics programming but someone who knows their way around OpenGL might be able to easily figure out where things go wrong. After all, the only thing that -OpenGLCompat does is make the game not explicitly request a 3.2 core profile.

I'm probably not going to implement a zoom workaround myself because it's one of the few "bitesized" issue that could work well with
Settings not being saved on linux is weird, looking into it is on my todo.
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