Public release: 0.3.1

Re: Public release: 0.3.1

Postby Julius » 16 Oct 2014, 22:13

The weapon textures of the player classes other than 1 seem to be missing in the linux version (weapons appear grey).

Would be also nice if the esc in-game menu would have a button to choose the player class maybe with the hint that the quick button for it is "F1" to ease things for new players. A standard multiplayer ping/score etc menu on pressing tab would be nice too.

An general improvement would be also if the etherboard actually gives the player some visual feedback by slightly lifting the view and/or bobbing the view a bit.
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Re: Public release: 0.3.1

Postby MCMic » 22 Oct 2014, 23:59

Your binary is randomly segfaulting on my computer. I’m using Archlinux.
It segfault before I can play, when setting options or listing servers.
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