CTF mode discussion

CTF mode discussion

Postby Wuzzy » 08 Feb 2015, 20:22

Hi, the upcoming release will have a CTF mode.

I have some comments about the CTF mode, as of version 0.6.0-testing3.

I think the way structures behave is a bit weird or “out of place”.

It is also possible to fire disks on structures like on normal players. I think this is not justified, because it it trivial to hit them.

I notice you can take down the structures pretty easily with the sniper thingy and shooting one explosive disk after another. I guess this is kinda overpowered, what do you think?

So maybe the way how structures are damaged should be tweaked a bit for balancing. I would say all “guns” only deal little damage (but still a bit) to structures, but explosives deal greater damage. So player normally would want to use explosive weapons to take down a structure. It is difficult to hit CATs with those weapons, but structures are hard to miss.

I also think strucures should not be a valid target for any sort of disk. I always saw the disks as a bonus for landing a good shot on a CAT. On a static target, this bonus does not make much sense to me.

Maybe another weapon could be designed, well for destroying structures but poor/difficult to use against CATs.

So what do you think about CTF mode?
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