Quick "getting it to run on Linux" FAQ

Quick "getting it to run on Linux" FAQ

Postby Julius » 06 Nov 2014, 12:57

As there are some current issues, I thought a quick FAQ thread here would help.

Q.: TOL doesn't run on my Intel graphics. What ist the problem?
A.: Should be somewhat fixed in version 0.4.0. but some issues remain. It is/was related to the Mesa drivers only supporting OpenGL 3.2 so far.

Q.: On my non-intel card I get some strange graphics errors (lines bleeding through geometry etc.). How can that be fixed?
A.: As part of the above mentioned quick fix, these now occur, but if the game is started with the parameter "-OpenGLCompat" the graphic errors are usually fixed. Check the console output, it should now not request the OpenGL 3.2 core profile any longer, but take what is offered by your driver.

Q.: I have no sound, as no OpenAL is found. I have it installed through my repositories though...
A.: Most likely you need to get the 32bit version of OpenAL, do this by installing "libopenal1:i386" (if your Linux distribution has multi-arch support).

Q.: In windowed mode the mouse cursor is not at the right place (especially effects the editor that only works in windowed mode). How can I fix that?
A.: This is a known bug somehow related to SDL2. Maximising the window and then resizing it again is a work-around to fix it.

Q.: My graphics settings are not saved, help?
A.: Known bug, hopefully fixed soon. (Edit: fixed in latest version)

Q.: Why isn't there a 64bit version of TOL?
A.: The engine Torque3D has only recently added experimental 64bit support and so far TOL has not been compiled for it. Feel free to try it though and if you succeed post about it :)

I will add additional questions as they arise. Also check the issues section on Github for help. Anything I missed?
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Re: Quick "getting it to run on Linux" FAQ

Postby mray » 06 Nov 2014, 15:23

shouldn't we add this to the homepage, too?
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