Anyone interested in helping to update this to T3D 4.0?

Anyone interested in helping to update this to T3D 4.0?

Postby Julius » 07 Dec 2017, 06:40

With the soon upcoming release of Torque3D 4.0 that includes many interesting improvements(such as physics based rendering, faster torque script and various editor improvements) it would be great if we could find a team of people willing to update Terminal Overload to it. Linux/64bit support has also improved since the earlier days when TO was still active, so things should work a bit more smoothly now.

I don't have much experience working with Torque3D, but I guess one of the important first steps would be to get the TO codebase to work with the upstream engine releases so that much of the current maintenance burden of also compiling and releasing engine modifications is removed. In the end TO should hopefully work as a pure torque script mod to be used with upstream engine binaries.

I also have various ideas on how to improve the graphics and started an art collection on OGA: ... oot-assets

Another interesting development would be to include a simple COOP mode. Torque3D now has much better pathfinding and AI support, so a basic "defend the base against the horde" type of COOP or single player mode should be relatively easy to implement. This would likely also solve the lacking player base issues to some extend.

Last but not least, anyone willing to host a test server for TO again?
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