Tilesets - Worldmodel

Tilesets - Worldmodel

Postby Flipflop » 13 Feb 2013, 22:55

I know, I should learn for my examination but coding is more fun... ^^

I want to post this here because is not too complicated to understand to new, interested people to show something that has nothing to do with the BDI-Agent Sytem, just plain Java.

Just almost finished refractoring the Tileset-Logic, Saved inside every SpaceObject inside the WorldModel as Pojos (Plain old Java Object... ^^ so just a normal Java Class) with the help of the power of Enums in Java.

So we have now the Enums for the Tilesets:

(I need the String for setting the SpaceObject-Type inside the running Worldmodel to "find" them later again for manipulating by the user or the Agents)

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public enum MapType
   // Unknown, need for MapEditor issues
   UNKNOWN("unknown", UnknownInfo.class),
   // Buildings
   //Solid Types
   IMPENETRABLE_ROCK("impenetrable_rock", DirtInfo.class),
   ROCK("rock", DirtInfo.class),
   REINFORCED_WALL("reinforced_wall", DirtInfo.class),
   GOLD("gold", DirtInfo.class),
   GOLD_DROPED("gold_dropped", DirtInfo.class),
   DIRT_PATH("dirt_path", DefaultTileInfo.class),
   CLAIMED_PATH("claimed_path", DefaultTileInfo.class),
   GEMS("gems", DefaultTileInfo.class),
   WATER("water", WaterInfo.class),
   LAVA("lava", WaterInfo.class),
   HEROTILE("herotile", DefaultTileInfo.class);

   private String name;
   private Class<?> pojo;
   private MapType(String name, Class<?> pojo)
      this.name = name;
      this.pojo = pojo;
..... and getter and setters

And This is the most “abstract” TileType informations that all tiletype share, as you can see I have an abstract Method because I want to force in every more specific Type to set the related Neighbors (Importand for the Neighbour-calculation, most Tiles have 48 possible tiles according to the neighbours):
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public abstract class TileInfo {
   protected static MapType mapType;
   private static int quantity;
   protected int hitpoints;
   protected int owner = 0;
   protected String neighbourhood;
   protected WalkType walkType;
   protected boolean locked;
   protected NeighbourType neighbourType;

   public TileInfo(MapType mapType) {
      this.locked = false;
      this.hitpoints = 10;
      this.owner = 0;
      this.neighbourhood = "00000000";
      this.walkType = WalkType.PASSABLE;
      this.neighbourType = NeighbourType.COMPLEX;
      TileInfo.mapType = mapType;
   public abstract MapType[] getNeighbors();

...and getter and setters of course ^^

So we have then for example an HatcheryInfo who extends the ACenterInfo(that also extends the TileInfo) - a class save the centering value for the center of a Building, for example where the hatchery building should be.
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public class HatcheryInfo extends ACenterBuildingInfo {

   private int numChickens;

   public HatcheryInfo(MapType mapType)
      this.hitpoints = 30;
      this.hitpoints = isCenter ? 60 : 30;

   public int getNumChickens() {
      return numChickens;

   public void setNumChickens(int numChickens) {
      this.numChickens = numChickens;


And I have to use this HashMap to Map the Enums to the Information from the created Map which is saved as String-Informations in a Textfile (created by the MapEditor explained here: Video) :
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   public static final Map<String, MapType>   TILE_MAP      = new HashMap<String, MapType>();

      TILE_MAP.put("1F", MapType.HATCHERY);
      TILE_MAP.put("1G", MapType.DUNGEONHEART);
      TILE_MAP.put("1C", MapType.TREASURY);
      TILE_MAP.put("1F", MapType.HATCHERY);
      TILE_MAP.put("1D", MapType.LAIR);
      TILE_MAP.put("1E", MapType.PORTAL);
      TILE_MAP.put("1I", MapType.TRAININGROOM);
      TILE_MAP.put("1L", MapType.LIBRARY);
      TILE_MAP.put("1X", MapType.TORTURE);

      TILE_MAP.put("Ob", MapType.IMPENETRABLE_ROCK);
      TILE_MAP.put("Oc", MapType.ROCK);
      TILE_MAP.put("1B", MapType.REINFORCED_WALL);
      TILE_MAP.put("Og", MapType.GOLD);
      TILE_MAP.put("Oh", MapType.GEMS);
      TILE_MAP.put("Od", MapType.DIRT_PATH);
      TILE_MAP.put("1A", MapType.CLAIMED_PATH);
      TILE_MAP.put("Oe", MapType.WATER);
      TILE_MAP.put("Of", MapType.LAVA);
      TILE_MAP.put("Oh", MapType.HEROTILE);


For the Moment every default/starting Value is saved in the Java-Objects directly. (But when there is more time we should make an external config-file for all the relevant values to easier balance the Game).

- Flipflop
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