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The Hellhound

PostPosted: 31 Dec 2013, 12:07
by ArgNoCoffee
To get an first impression of a potentially new creature, here is the hellhound( wuff wuff ^_^ )

preview_hellhoundFront.png (16.85 KiB) Viewed 10741 times

Surely there is still a lot of work on this creature todo, but i think with a better texture, and some optimizations of the mesh( the mouth should looks better and the paws should hav claws), it will be a real good creature.

The Hound has one great advantage, we can make his bed in the lair easiy, by creating a dog basket.

Greetings NoCoffee.

Origin Model:

Re: The Hellhound

PostPosted: 31 Dec 2013, 13:54
by charlie

Re: The Hellhound

PostPosted: 31 Dec 2013, 14:43
by Danimal
Hi again, since our projects are mostly related i think you can benfit from this post as well:


Perhaps you can find something to use and even give some input; on a side note, until im not finished with my tests on february i won retake the work on the skeleton or naga (which i think are looking good).

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Re: The Hellhound

PostPosted: 31 Dec 2013, 15:32
by ArgNoCoffee
Hi, sure we can work together on models.

But my first target is, to finish a model(=3d Model+Bed+Animation+Icons).
So i firstly use very simple models, i can handle with. A hound is a simple model for me. I can use some dark textures and highlight the eye catching thinks with some red or white colors.
Another important fact is, that i can imagine, which bed i can build for the hound. For a naga or seleton i can't do that without having much work(layout, ideas, ... ).
Further more a hound don't need much space(vertics, faces, edged, ...), so its simpler to create a low and a high resolution model.

This thead was originly started to talk a bout only one model, the hound. So please let us talk about the hound and its implemention.

Greets NoCoffee.

Re: The Hellhound

PostPosted: 31 Dec 2013, 17:16
by Danimal
ok then, way too low poly, especially if you ever want to integrate first person camera; good for the cell phone game it was created, but you can afford way more polys and give it some more characteristics, especially in the legs and mouth part (they are really lacking in there) fangs and claws can go a long way even if they are basic (dont forget sticking tongues). You can use the the fur textures with normals existing in OGA to put you up to speed once you have modified the mesh. (we kind of think the same)

Fot the bed you can use some straw stack or copy Dungeon kepper and add a pole with a chain and collar attached (your basket its not a bad idea, but sounds too mild for a hellish dog, maybe it could be done with bone and armor pieces like some bird nest?)

Re: The Hellhound

PostPosted: 31 Dec 2013, 18:36
by ArgNoCoffee

We should keep in mind, that we are in the beginnige phase. That, what we do is near to prototyping. So for me it make no sense to build a high resolution model with many details, if not much is finished and the way we want to go is not fully thought.

Another point is, that not only mobile devices have performace problems. And not every user has a high perfomance pc. So i think it is alway a good option, to offer an low resolution set of models. But this is a decision for FlipFlop.

For the bed, i think we can test some variants. Many times a simple design is better than a design that is complex. Often a change of texture make more sense then a complex model, that isn't finished or the ideas are not finishable.(short: KISS = Keep it simple student)

Greets NoCoffee