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Statuslist/Overview - Assets in Pool

PostPosted: 06 Feb 2013, 17:42
by Flipflop

This List should show the current state of the Progress for the Assets, you can easily see what has to be Done with the Currecnt Assets that are already in the Asset-Pool:

Link to the Table of Assets

In this Table you can easilie see what still needs to be done to the Assets. The List is not complete yet. Everyone is free to help to make the things done.
Also everyone is free to post Ideas for new things that should be Listed in that List.

Re: Statuslist/Overview - Assets in Pool

PostPosted: 15 Feb 2013, 13:22
by Flipflop
Just a quote from the JMonkey Board that we´ll (or I) not forget:

Just for the TODO-list – you can also optimize the textures a bit.
- Provide low res textures for slower machines. I’ve seen textures of 2048, that would not loose much detail on 1024. (example: thief)
- There are also textures with odd resolutions (1400×1400, 800×800, 1506×1506). It is recommended to use power of two sizes.

@Danimal you will like to make an normalmap for the thief someday? aka adventurer?

Re: Statuslist/Overview - Assets in Pool

PostPosted: 15 Feb 2013, 23:12
by Danimal
Hi, Flip-flop, i do big textures since you can always resize them to smaller ones without losing quality, the other way around doesnt work.
Right now im getting the hang of normals, but i guess this model can benefit a lot from it. When im finished with the traps and Lamia ill revisit it.

Regarding your to do list, we already had models for the training dummies which looks quite better:

Skorpio has had a cool lizarman and others in the making for a while:

This one is cool but noone ever got it into OD:

Re: Statuslist/Overview - Assets in Pool

PostPosted: 05 Feb 2014, 20:39
by Hyrrämyyrä

As you can tell I'm new to this forum, and I must say I have no prior experience on the Open Source developing. What I'm doing here, is mainly asking (perhaps stupid, perhaps not so stupid) questions about modeling for the game, for I am a game animator (the aspect of asset creation I'm mainly focusing) in making, and I just feel this unresistable urge to attempt to take part in this particular project due to, yes, the infamous EA mobile "Dungeon Keeper", as it had led me to search for an open source alternative to the original Dungeon Keeper (as for that, since the game is written in java, could it perhaps be possible also export it to the mobile platforms. As far as I've understood, the Apple Store favors more of the closed software, but for the Android, I understand that it could be possible to provide an open source game). And even as I'm not too familiar with the Dungeon Keeper (I must confess, I've never played it), I feel an irresistable urge to assist in all the ways to create an open source alternative to the original game for those who actually appriciate the original title, instead of being as greedy as EA.

And finally to the point: I would wish to actually revamp atleast the character assets to the game. Not to replace, but to create an alternative "theme", in bit more cartoonish manner. One reason for the cartoonish manner is that I actually in a way liked the graphical aspects of the iOS game, but one, perhaps more heavier reason, is that cartoonish style is also easy to "make as a standard", meaning that for such artstyle it's easier to create a list of guidelines that are easy to follow, and result in matching looks for the textures from different artists. And if such style would be embraced by the project leader himself, after of course rather seeing the style, it would be easy to implement this style as a general guideline (however, this is mainly with assumption that the authors will use blender, as I am not too aware of how for example 3Ds max texture baking, that would be involved, would differ from the blender look).

But why am I writing this instead of just start doing? Well, the answer is simple: I like lists, and while this table of assets seems to present all the current creatures in the game (or I think it should, but seems to be missing aleast the thief), I would wish to also see the list of already done, and still required animations listed, on the asset table, if that would be possible. That would be, for the likes of me, to make it easier to "create new themes from scratch", or just contribute the missing animations (and creatures). Also, I feel that I am not ready to take the responsibility of adding the models to the code (hence the "not downloaded the sourcecode yet"), as even if it might be as easy as it seems in the videos, I feel that the method of using random animations as placeholders are quite confusing in my point of view. I could however try to do such, but for that I'd need the list of each and every animation that each and every character (and asset) requires, to avoid having placeholders. Still, I feel it is not in my place to make a commit on such, as if I am to really redesign the models, I don't want to run over anyones character models by default.

Also, more stupid questions: The scale? What is the default scale system of the game. I can see that the one block in game is in relation to two cubes on one tile by eye, but I also know that scaling is a pain in the [rear exit], so it would be nice to nkow what is the default height and width of a human sized bipedal creature in blender units, to make the export/import bit easier for everybody. Also, well, I need to take more time to look in to the animation partitioning system in blender (that surely is explained on the tutorial, and I will manage it by myself), but what I am also interested is the "speed scale". Now I undesrand that this is not too usual question when it comes to the modelling in general, butI would assume that it would be handy to have some sort of standard on how fast the characters move, either in [x] blocks in [y] frames, or [frames] per one block. This would make themovement bit more seamless, even as the method is bit unorthodox. Also, how about IK? I haven't previously exported to Ogre, but I'd be interested to know what kind of IK system can I use. Now, I like that in blender I can create the IK in the armature itself, and even exporting (atleast in FBX) I believe the blender "bakes" the animation to the bones. But what of ogre? does Ogre exporter (what verson of such is used here, btw, and is there a direct link to download form?) support "exporting empty objects as IK", or does it support IK inside the armature, as IK itself makes animationg far easier (and actually can help in the code also, if tehre would be , for example, differences on the height of the ground, or actually, defining a hotspot for a picked object like, say, chicken).

And as for commitment. I feel the urge to take part in the modeling and animating for this project for both the reason of shear enthusiasm, as well as this being a public project, and therefore also providing lots of material to portfolio. However, I am currently in between of school projects of making games, for this is the last week of our shorter game project, that is followed by a 7 week proect of commitment, and after that, perhaps I will partake an internship in an animation studio (if I happen to get in) for couple of months, so I might say that I may be bit busy, and am actually planning, if only I get replied, to attempt in making few prototypes during the next weekend as it is between projects, but after that I am not sure at all if I can contribute very often (which is also why I would feel that it is not my place to just blatantly "overwrite the artstyle", but more of a make an alternative theme).

Re: Statuslist/Overview - Assets in Pool

PostPosted: 07 Feb 2014, 12:05
by Danimal
Wow, could you please pass me the short version of that?

Re: Statuslist/Overview - Assets in Pool

PostPosted: 07 Feb 2014, 13:24
by charlie
TL;DR: wants list of already done / still required animations for each asset + scaling spec + animation speed/scale spec + what kind of IK system used? Also can't commit beyond the next 7-8 weeks.