Welcome to the AgentKeeper Forum

Welcome to the AgentKeeper Forum

Postby Flipflop » 06 Feb 2013, 14:36

Welcome !

This Post is to be intended for everyone who need a first Overview about this Project. [Still under construction... :)]

Hey You. Welcome to our forum!

This is about the new FOSS-Game Project "AgentKeeper", started end of November 2012.

If you just want to Play you can find always the latest Playable Version here: GoogleCode Download the Game! (no need to install, just extract and start the Jar)

If you just want to take a look at the Code, or see Gameplay Videos you can find both at the GoogleCode Project Page: GoogleCode Project Page

AgentKeeper is a Gameproject based on the programlanguage Java. It is original initiated by Flipflop as an Project at University Hamburg. But now the project is transfered to be Open Source and we looking for Help in any direction. Because we belief this can be a complete game in not too long time and can be lots of fun. Really :)

If you need informations about the Gameplay itself look here : Gameplay Thread

If you interested to Help the Project, or just want to know how you can manipulate the Game to create your own Version, you should take a loot here:
I want to Help thread

So Long,

the Team.
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Re: Welcome to the AgentKeeper Forum

Postby meku » 04 Sep 2015, 21:28

Nice job, this one looks great!
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