Stunt Rally project presentation (196 pages, aka SR book).

Stunt Rally project presentation (196 pages, aka SR book).

Postby CryHam » 01 Apr 2017, 10:26

So, I've recently made a presentation of the project as a whole.
It's has "kind of" gone out of control (not really) and has 196 slides.
Therefore I could call it The Stunt Rally book (a colorful one, with lots of pictures).
The link for pdf here, repository is here, has also odp here for Libre Office. License is GPL v3.

It includes: project's statistics, game and editor features, all components used and their role or implementation (some shortly), development issues, bugs, etc.
There are several aspects shown, like road geometry, terrain blendmap (both code made by me), simulation graphs and editor for cars (from game), a bit about objects/vehicles and so on.

I presented it at work in 4 sessions, each 1 hour. Hence the reason to make it in the first place, after also project being (long) done.
I also showed it in 1h to my parents. So it's definitely possible.
I suspect child friendly too.
There are a lot of pictures (much more than text) and usually even few on 1 slide.
I think it might be of interest also for players, who want to know more than just playing (and from our Wiki).
Of course some things just show the history, how it was in OGRE (from 2006) or in 2010 and are rather non existing today.
Still, hope it's educational.
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Re: Stunt Rally project presentation (196 pages, aka SR book

Postby DangerousmaN » 08 Apr 2017, 15:45

Your presentation was fascinating, but it just scratches the surface of so many interesting subjects, wish I'd caught the 4 hour presentation.

Your game is excellent! Visually stunning. Finely crafted at every level. A true gem.

Thank you.
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