Stunt Rally - version 2.6

Stunt Rally - version 2.6

Postby CryHam » 21 Sep 2015, 08:07

After nearly a year we have a new release.

Main features include:
    Pacenotes (signs above road for turns, jumps, etc)
    5 new tracks, 1 car and 1 bike
    Sound system rewrite, now featuring reverberation
    Underwater fog
    Track ghosts for reversed direction (for all tracks)
    Faster game reload (on same track), and reset objects
    Rewrite of replays/ghosts, now 4x smaller, use button on Replays-Tools tab to Convert all old (takes few minutes)
Full changelog: here.

There is a new 2.6 gameplay video:



Have Fun !
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Re: Stunt Rally - version 2.6

Postby Wuzzy » 24 Sep 2015, 17:17

Bravo for version 2.6!

As I have said earlier, you did good work on the pacenotes.
The new bike is a bit tricky to drive but really fast; but I guess that's the point, isn't it? ;)

Only 5 new tracks but they all are very creatively and well done. From the new tracks, Spc2-SpaceMine is my favourite.
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Re: Stunt Rally - version 2.6

Postby CryHam » 24 Sep 2015, 18:03

Yeah I still find BV bike a bit too tricky to handle sometimes, need to steer real quick probably,
but Calinou said it's okay, well he played a lot more than me. It is light, and having same tires slides a bit more too.
Yup, good tracks. My fav. is BlueHell. I love rubberduck's tracks, especially those difficult with stunts.
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Re: Stunt Rally - version 2.6

Postby charlie » 25 Sep 2015, 10:21

I did a quick Free Gamer article on the 2.6 release, in case you missed it: ... mb-02.html

Should really try to contribute more regularly to the blog to get the readership back up, but still 500 or so views is not a bad thing. :)
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Re: Stunt Rally - version 2.6

Postby Akien » 25 Sep 2015, 10:25

Congrats on the new release! It's nice to see cool new features like the pacenotes being added; I still have to try it properly though, but the video looks good :D
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Re: Stunt Rally - version 2.6

Postby Astobe » 28 Sep 2015, 11:31

I've downloaded multi-gigabytes AAA games that lasted hours before. But for none of them I was as eager that the download terminates :-)
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