I can reuse OICS and SDL4Ogre Libraries?

I can reuse OICS and SDL4Ogre Libraries?

Postby ChristopherSosa » 31 Jan 2015, 03:10

Hi, sorry for if i'm not asked here correctly.

So, those two libraries grab my attention when i found this game and OpenMW, since i needed an OIS replacement, but there's non-existent documentation or even a simple sample i can found, well there is those games source available, so i need to ask some things....

* Which is the difference of OICS and SDL4Ogre?, OICS seems independent of SDL4Ogre because uses SDL2 headers instead of SDL4Ogre.
* OICS basically what is it?, OICS seems an SDL reimplementation of OIS, but has some advanced features like low-level joystick axis/emulation features and using TinyXML (maybe i'll modify it for INI instead), OICS really needs SDL4Ogre? (like SDL4Ogre -> Backend, OICS->Frontend)
* What a kind of license is licensed those libraries, unlike your game is GPL licensed, those two shows in the source files an BSD/Zlib-ish license.
* Something from the developers can advice me about those two (existant bugs, limitations, etc.)

I hope can answer my inquiries, thanks...
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Re: I can reuse OICS and SDL4Ogre Libraries?

Postby scrawl » 02 Feb 2015, 17:36

SDL4Ogre is licensed under GPL.

OICS is an input binding library that was originally built on top of OIS, but when we switched to SDL it was ported to SDL too. It's used for handling input bindings in an abstract way (Channels) which can be bound by the user to either joysticks, mouse or keyboard.
For the OICS license see its source files.
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