Stunt Rally 3.0 released

Stunt Rally 3.0 released

Postby CryHam » 03 Dec 2023, 23:51

We have finally Stunt Rally 3.0 (beta) release :cool: After over a year of developing topic.

New Game video, screens gallery
(almost 16min, bad quality, but here is a link for high quality full .mp4 file for fans :) )

I uploaded Windows full installer to github in Releases.
Tagged 3.0 in git repos for building from sources, I leave it up to packagers to make a Linux release, flatpack or such, since I have no experience in that. It's not easy to build from sources, since you'd need to build Ogre-Next and Mygui-Next fork, but rest can be from other sources. How to build here.

All details in changelog, there are many new features, some known bugs (thus I call it beta), and missing features (from old SR 2.7) listed bottom, etc.

Also BTW, this is one of the last posts here, since we are moving to new forum. Soon this forum will be a read only archive.
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Re: Stunt Rally 3.0 released

Postby Julius » 04 Dec 2023, 11:43

A flatpak would be great. Maybe someone from the community is willing to contribute that.
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