Extreme speed racing, with V3, on Vast

Extreme speed racing, with V3, on Vast

Postby DangerousmaN » 26 Mar 2017, 10:37

A friend and I have been racing SR for some time because it is excellent for internet racing.

Trying all the various cars brought us to the V3 Jets, and when we tried those out on the track named Vast, all boost parameters maxed out, it gave us an idea how much fun we could have with some modifications.

We modified the checkpoint sizes to 10 so that they are much fatter (and taller, for when you catch air).

The fastest times are set by only touching ground in a few carefully chosen locations. The reasons for which become apparent at 600 mph.

The technique used to avoid touching the ground is by using roll/boost/turn simultaneously. Roll/Turn in opposite directions will cause your wing to dip and your nose to rise. If you are too close to the ground, your wing will catch and slow you down, but if you have a little air under you, you will start to climb rapidly. Roll/Turn in the same direction will cause you to lose altitude.

The fastest laps are set by holding the boost key continuously. Any time you need to turn, you have the opportunity to Loft (climb) or dive, just by tapping the appropriate roll key.

For an idea the kinds laps we are turning, the current best time for Vast is 1:05:93

To achieve these times all you need to do is:
    enlarge all the checkpoint sizes to 10,
    enlarge the size of the finish line to a height and width of 70 and a depth of 2
    set boost always available
    set Roll always available
    turn damage off
    turn car collision off (makes internet racing enjoyable)
    turn all boost parameters to their maximum settings
    in Setup/Steering set both "Speed Sensitive Steering" parameters to 0.36

If you get really good with this set up, you can turn laps in the 1:10 area.

To shave that extra 4 seconds off your time, you need to get good at lofting so that the terrain no longer dictates your line or your speed.

If anyone would like, I could post up a copy of the Vast track with modifcations as described above.

I also have a modded version of Asphalt Jumps wherein my track record is 22:59. The mods for that track are a bit more extensive since there are many close checkpoints and things get broken when fattened checkpoints overlap.

If you like having fun and going fast, try out those settings for your V3, GREAT FUN!
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Re: Extreme speed racing, with V3, on Vast

Postby Wuzzy » 22 Oct 2017, 05:40

I would love to see tracks made for those aircraft. It's stilly very much unexplored terrain. :)

The aircraft is fun, but currently lacks tracks. It's not that it doesn't work on most tracks, but these tracks are not optimized for aircraft. Aircraft needs vast, wide roads, of which we only have very few.
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