Mud5-Mudflats [in 2.6], blendmap

Mud5-Mudflats [in 2.6], blendmap

Postby rubberduck » 08 Mar 2015, 09:52

in this track you have to drive a lot in mud :lol: and it contains very twisted bridge parts

there is also a lot to drive on an island


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Re: Mud-Mudflats (track)

Postby CryHam » 09 Mar 2015, 17:37

Very nice track.
Yup, partly cluttered, and partly quite straight, cool.
Nice to see you back, rubberduck :) plesant surprise.
Liked the part with buildings too.
Hehe, were those big flowers on purpose?
Well definitely all 3 tracks will go to master (won't say next release cos IDK when will that happen) when I get a moment.
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Re: Mud-Mudflats (track)

Postby dimproject » 09 Mar 2015, 21:18

Long track and taking time to pass.
Looks well! But mud level in some places is a little high.

CryHam. How about stickers for dirty car visualization?
How about new release with new tracks only?
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Re: Mud5-Mudflats [in 2.6]

Postby CryHam » 21 Mar 2015, 21:51

Is on master.
Fixed grass, probably looks new.
There was a gap between ground and windmill, added some terrain there.
Also made like 2 small terrian islands to not have such long mud only drive in those places.

Btw. guys, don't make checkpoints on terrain lower than 1.5, few were here 1.2 and really easy to miss. Mostly tracks have 1.6 - 2.0 on terrain.
Ah. and another thing you guys seem not to be doing. Turn off road columns (End) wherever possible. We still have 1 batch per column and mostly they aren't visible or important.

And yeah blendmap was wrong. Man I need to do that video about it.
But for short here are 2 pics:

1st original bad:
Bad blendmap

Mixed colors, cyan, magenta - should never apear so much (even at all).
Also notice on left this hard edged red appearing on slopes. This is default layer 0 (red). Shouldn't be used if possible. This is due to empty range somewhere, i.e. angle or height ranges not covered by some layer.

2nd good after my fixes:
Good blendmap.

Good separation now, pure layer colors Red,Green,Blue,White with also added some noise.
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