Open .mesh files in Blender

Open .mesh files in Blender

Postby Hacker007 » 25 Nov 2014, 05:08


I am looking to port some of Stunt Rallys cars to SuperTuxkart (thanks to Anon for mentioning stunt rally), to do this think i need to be-able to import these .mesh files into blender, unless i can i access the the original files before the original export? So how do i open these .mesh files?

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Re: Open .mesh files in Blender

Postby CryHam » 25 Nov 2014, 09:48

We have original blend files here: ... aster/cars

Getting .mesh into Blender is tricky and too old. From what I did and know, you need Blender 2.49 and Python 2.6.
Then get the script, info here: ... 45#p438378
It works but then you need to smooth manually, since it somehow looses vertex normals or something.
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