Wnt17-FrozenGarden (Snowstorm) in [2.5]

Wnt17-FrozenGarden (Snowstorm) in [2.5]

Postby rubberduck » 23 Oct 2014, 18:54

this track contains new objects again: 4 structures, 17 signs and 1 jump-ring in three colors + "sticks" as connection to the ground in three colors.

the track is hard to drive, very slippery and you can really damage your car.

it is extremly snowing and foggy to you drive partly on ice.


this time i have 2 screenshots


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Re: Wnt17-FrozenGarden (Snowstorm) in [2.5]

Postby CryHam » 23 Oct 2014, 19:34

This is a very pretty track. Awesome.
And also really tough to drive. I like it a lot.

I'm gonna only try minor things.
And also make the jump reverse possible.
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