F-Jumped (track)

F-Jumped (track)

Postby Calinou » 29 Sep 2014, 20:22

Straight yet bumpy track, beware of the sudden bumps and pits. Don't go too fast.

Download: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/823 ... Jumped.zip

Difficulty: Hard
Time: about 2:00
License: GNU GPL v3+

Installation instructions: extract the .zip file and put the directory in:
- Windows: %APPDATA%\stuntrally\data\tracks
- GNU/Linux: ~/.local/share/games/stuntrally/data/tracks

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Re: F-Jumped (track)

Postby CryHam » 29 Sep 2014, 20:42

It's quite fun. Short though. Nice scenery setup.
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